thrive: book review.



Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

by Arianna Huffington                                                                                                                                                3.64 of 5 stars

How ironic to be writing a review about Arianna Huffington’s latest book Thrive when the book I’m ready to write is so similar. This reminds me of the time my sister sat down to write her Ph.D. thesis. Her decision to check the mail proved fateful. She opened a journal with her exact thesis already published. She had to go back and re-write her thesis statement and re-interpret years of research.

Lucky for me, my ‘mindful’ stories are original and my insights about the digital revolution more progressive.

Arianna, president and editor in chief of the Huffington Post describes how waking up from a fall in her office with a broken jaw and bloody eye caused her to ‘see the light’ about being too busy. She blames the digital revolution for pressuring her life to spiral out of control. Her solution is meditation and a redefinition of success. Less emphasis on money and power she argues who at 63 sold her blog for $315 million. Easy for her to say, I can hear the Millennial Generation scream.

She is honest about her personal struggle to find a better balance between work and family. The book is well researched with numerous references to books on the benefits of meditation. Her writing is sprinkled with inspirational and informative quotes. However, a critique of the literature is missing. She fails to explain why mindfulness does not always help.

The most disturbing and concerning weakness in this book is Arianna’s attitude toward digital comprehension. Like many her age she views digitalization as something new because it is to her. However, to those under thirty years of age digitalization is non-alien. She fails to realize that the digital reality is here to stay.  It is not something to be ‘gently escorted out of my bedroom each night before I go to sleep.’  Nonetheless, she can be forgiven out of respect and limited understanding because of her demographic.

Meditation has been around for centuries. Just because time deprived North American Baby Boomers hear their biological clock ticking louder and louder in 2014 does not mean they discovered mindfulness. Nonetheless, it may mean Boomers need to slow down and enjoy what time is left in their lives and reflect on these wise words from Carson McCullers, “Time, the endless idiot, runs screaming ‘round the world.”

– Ann

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  1. Reading the revue of A. Huffington’s book made me think of another benefit of the digital world. A friend of mine has just graduated from Gauladet University which is believed to be the only university for the deaf in the world. In a previous world, the deaf person could only communicate by using sign language or writing out their words. Today with the use of text messaging and other digital means, they are now able to communicate which makes their lives so much better.

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