Helping Readers Find Strong Girls on the Road to Katniss by Kate Hannigan

Strong female characters for young girls. Thank you for this awesome post!

Nerdy Book Club

Cupcake Cousins Nerdy Book ClubI found my writing inspiration sitting on a bench at my kids’ school. It wasn’t me plopped down there on the hard wood, it was a Wee Reader devouring a copy of The Hunger Games. While I loved the book, I was a little blown away that a third-grader was taking on such big, emotionally complex material. I wanted to plop down beside Wee Reader and rattle off a list of all the other brave, adventuresome heroines to meet on the road to Katniss Everdeen.

So I went home and got to work. And the result was my own sort of Hunger Games, which published in May. Titled Cupcake Cousins, it’s a story about two cousins who try to bake their way out of having to be flower girls in their aunt’s upcoming wedding. The stakes are high enough – a disaster strikes the wedding cake, and their cooking…

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