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the myth of the tortured artist.


I recently read an interview with Eleanor Catton in which she bursts the “creative genius” bubble… I figure she’s right; it’s about time to rid ourselves of unrealistic models and expectations about creating art.

She argues that we must “move past the glamour of the non-functioning creative genius;” in fact, she finds the idea of the unsupported genius “deeply distasteful.”

She writes:

“[this model] disrespects all the people, accidents, opportunities and coincidences that conspire, along the way, to help create and launch an artistic sensibility. [. . .] We need a new model: one that doesn’t depend on outmoded gender norms, destructive values, and the profoundly ugly idea that to be indebted is to be demeaned. [. . .] Kindness is a core value for any artist, but most especially for a fiction writer: a self-centered person can’t see the world from another person’s point of view.”


Thank you, Eleanor, for your wise words and encouragement.





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weekend’s wise words.


broken beauty
the potter shapes us, makes us, bends us,
separated from the wheel we harden,
then the potter breaks us.
insides spilling out from broken vessels
sharp pieces, shards of clay laying on the ground
over time smooth and soothe.
vessels …
wine skins … old and new
wine skins … vessels of life.
is the wine finer in the old skins?
Our skin holds the wine of life, blood
to sustain, circulate, cleanse
we breathe in new life
exhale the stale
cells bounce around our bodies
new young cells offer innovation, change, exploration, intrigue
travel on well worn, comfortable, safe, predictable older paths.
babies and grannies
there is a time to celebrate life and love, to seize the day.
there is a time for soulful reflection,
to think about death, dying and legacies.
find harmony,
listen for it,
old and young
merging notes
melody and minor chords creating beauty
the quieter i become
the clearer i hear
the more i hear

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journalists for human rights.



“JHR is Canada’s leading media development organization.  When media puts the spotlight on human rights, people start to talk about the issues and demand change.”

Check out this amazing organization:

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reflections on a journey.

“Writing a novel is the longest and loneliest journey a writer can embark upon.”

– Karen Stevens



Read P.D. Smith’s review of Karen Steven’s book, “Writing a First Novel: Reflections on the Journey.”

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Bryan Hutchison from the Positive Writer explains why journaling is so important for writers:


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happy Canada day!


Read Globe and Mail contributor Margaret Wente’s opinion piece on why she loves Canada:


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for interested women.



Staying Connected couldn’t be more excited about the new online publication, “Libertine.”

Their mission is to “redefine the women’s media landscape by celebrating inner life over outer appearance.”

Check it out!


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