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are the liberal arts really that important?



Read what Globe & Mail contributor David Helfand has to say:


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promoting literacy.


In “How to Promote Literacy and Communication,” Marc Nichol writes that “many young people are unable to express themselves well in writing according to contemporary standards.”  He asks: “how can we develop a population of competent writers?”

Interested?  Read the full article here:

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the direct address comma.


A perfectly concise explanation of direct address commas from Erin Brenner of Right Touch Editing.  Be sure to check out her wonderful blog,

“The comma rule depicted here is simple: use a comma with the name of a person you are directly addressing. If the name comes first, it is followed by a comma:

Children, please stop jumping on the beds.

If the name comes at the end of the sentence, the comma precedes the name:

Stop jumping on the beds, boys.

And if the name (or names) comes in the middle of the sentence, surround it with commas:

What I said, Sean and Duncan, was to stop jumping on the beds!

As you can see from my example sentences (other than my children’s habit of jumping on the beds), you don’t have to use a proper name to address someone. A title works, even an informal one like boys.

In the cartoon, the comma changes the sentence from a bothersome one about cannibalism to a friendlier one about a grandchild encouraging Grandpa to have something to eat (as long as it’s not Grandma). Got it? Good. Let’s try a quick quiz.

  1. Arthur you really should consider running for office again.
  2. When Arthur ran last time, he lost by just a few votes.
  3. Don’t you want to go the distance Arthur?
  4. Right now Arthur is the best time to campaign.
  5. Just because the election is two years away is no reason for Arthur not to start knocking on doors.”

see the full link here:


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writing secrets.


Psychology Today gives us some tips for writing:

-> Try easy.

-> Work the way you think.

-> Learn to love lying.

-> Getting 100 ideas is easier than getting 1.

-> Build an inventory of thoughts.

Read more about it here:

What are your writing tips?

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7 rules.


According to the “Authentic Conversations” group, there are seven important steps to help you learn to speak english.

They suggest:

1. Always study phrases, not individual words.

2. Do not just study grammar rules.

3. Listen first.

4. Slow, deep learning is best.

5. Use point-of-view mini stories.

6. Only use real English conversations & materials.

7. Use listen & answer stories.

Watch their video tutorials for each rule here:

What do you think about these rules?

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halloween writing fun :)


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October 24, 2013 · 6:51 pm

getting the conversation started.


try asking these questions to friends to get some conversation practice.

you’ll be ready for dinner parties in no time!

here are some questions about art.  can you think of other conversation topics?

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