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weekend’s wise words.


broken beauty
the potter shapes us, makes us, bends us,
separated from the wheel we harden,
then the potter breaks us.
insides spilling out from broken vessels
sharp pieces, shards of clay laying on the ground
over time smooth and soothe.
vessels …
wine skins … old and new
wine skins … vessels of life.
is the wine finer in the old skins?
Our skin holds the wine of life, blood
to sustain, circulate, cleanse
we breathe in new life
exhale the stale
cells bounce around our bodies
new young cells offer innovation, change, exploration, intrigue
travel on well worn, comfortable, safe, predictable older paths.
babies and grannies
there is a time to celebrate life and love, to seize the day.
there is a time for soulful reflection,
to think about death, dying and legacies.
find harmony,
listen for it,
old and young
merging notes
melody and minor chords creating beauty
the quieter i become
the clearer i hear
the more i hear

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an interview with ellen langer.

“Mindfulness is the process of actively noticing new things. When you do that, it puts you in the present.”


Read The Harvard Business Review’s interview with author Ellen Langer on her research and experience with mindfulness:


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positive thinking.


The Globe and Mail’s Carly Cooper suggests five ways to switch from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Read it here:




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staying focused: mindfulness & ADHD.



Daniel Goleman, New York Times contributor, argues that cognitive control is indeed an effective treatment for ADHD.

Check it out here:


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sitting still: how to take a step back from the “busy life.”


Read Zosia Bielski’s interview with author Bridget Schulte’s about her new book: Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One has the Time.” 


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the spinning wheel of time.



The ‘Spinning Wheel of Time’ has been with us since the beginning of time.

In 1951, Tennessee Williams wrote an article for the New York Times about the timeless world of a play. How interesting to compare his opening sentence with New York Times writer Tim Kreider’s article ANXIETY; The ‘Busy’ Trap describing how a busy mindset hinders our creativity and productivity alike in his July 2012 essay.

“Carson McCullers concludes one of her lyric poems with the line: “Time, the endless idiot, runs screaming ‘round the world.” It is this continual rush of time, so violent that it appears to be screaming, that deprives our actual lives of so much dignity and meaning, and it is, perhaps more than anything else, the arrest of time which has taken place in a completed work of art that gives to certain plays their feeling of depth and significance.”

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introduction to mindfulness.


A message from Ann:

As a high school teacher and tutor of teenagers, I have observed an increase in stress on the lives of my students. The effect of stress not only impairs academic success, it also affects a student’s sense of self in harmful ways.

A popular solution to combat stress is meditation. I have studied meditation for the past year and taken courses in mindfulness. The courses are part of a Creative Writing Program at University of Toronto.

I have been successful in helping students manage their stress in order to achieve their academic goals and to experience personal well-being by implementing my new learning in mindfulness.

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