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weekend’s wise words.


broken beauty
the potter shapes us, makes us, bends us,
separated from the wheel we harden,
then the potter breaks us.
insides spilling out from broken vessels
sharp pieces, shards of clay laying on the ground
over time smooth and soothe.
vessels …
wine skins … old and new
wine skins … vessels of life.
is the wine finer in the old skins?
Our skin holds the wine of life, blood
to sustain, circulate, cleanse
we breathe in new life
exhale the stale
cells bounce around our bodies
new young cells offer innovation, change, exploration, intrigue
travel on well worn, comfortable, safe, predictable older paths.
babies and grannies
there is a time to celebrate life and love, to seize the day.
there is a time for soulful reflection,
to think about death, dying and legacies.
find harmony,
listen for it,
old and young
merging notes
melody and minor chords creating beauty
the quieter i become
the clearer i hear
the more i hear

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morning inspirations: an explanation

We’ve had some questions lately, somewhere along the lines of: what is the point of these photo posts? Why is there no text attached to them?

Writers are often taught to write from an image, using it’s detail and perhaps context as inspiration.  Well, we hope these images do just that: provide inspiration and, hopefully, spark imagination.

Each writer (and each person) will have an entirely different reaction and response to a visual stimulus, such as one of these photos.  So please, use them as you wish.  Whether they inspire a poem, short story, or simply a thought, allow yourself to have an entirely unique reaction to the images in these posts.




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are the liberal arts really that important?



Read what Globe & Mail contributor David Helfand has to say:


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